Calling all mid-level professionals. It's time to crush the burnout cycle, for good.

Welcome to The Burnout Breakthrough, a six month coaching program designed to revolutionize your work-life, your relationships with others, and most importantly, your relationship with yourself. 
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It’s time to shake up the boss within you.

Let’s be honest, you'd rather be busy than bored. When one big project ends, you're on to the next. You are a professional goal-post mover. Stress is your normal and success is your middle name. But at what cost?

If you're ready to make meaningful progress in your career and personal life, The Burnout Breakthrough is designed to guide you through every step of the process— without exhaustion  or overwhelm. You'll have the tools to manage your breakdowns, and your breakthroughs. You're meant to shine. It's time to polish your tarnished attitude, and step into your unlimited potential. 

Imagine how it will feel to wake up and know that you get to create the life you want, regardless of what email is sitting in your inbox. Imagine what’s possible when you trust yourself to succeed, no matter what your boss or colleagues have to say.

That isn't magic. Although sometimes it feels like it. 


Let’s face it—experiencing burnout can be lonely & isolating.

No one talks about it. No one seems to care about your mental wellbeing. Your self-doubt, perfectionism, and second-guessing aren't helping you. I get it. I’ve been there. Letting go of perfectionism and learning that you can take a break isn't easy. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my burnout journey it’s this:

Having support, community, & the self-coaching model can mean the difference between choosing being miserable & seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


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Wherever you’re at in your burnout story—you belong here.


You come home from work and cry your brains out. 

You never reveal your troubles to the world because on the outside everything seems so perfect. No one knows how much you're suffering except that one friend ( or partner) who you complain to everyday. 

You use exercise as a stress management tool. 

But you leave your notifications on and your phone keeps buzzing, pulling you away from your workout. You end your workout early, guzzle another latte and go back to your desk, annoyed AF.

You don't think there is any room for growth. 

You feel stuck. You hate commuting. You really hate your job. You don't think your manager is invested in you, you look for other jobs but you don't think you can find another six-figure income elsewhere. 

Taking responsibility for your life and wellbeing is the most empowering choice you can make. No one else is going to ensure your growth, your health, or your happiness. Only you can do that.

What's Inside


Become aware of your limiting beliefs, manage your emotions, and learn how to choose thoughts that serve you.


You'll benefit from the self-coaching tool for the rest of your life.  Count on yourself and care for yourself in ways that matter.


6 months of unlimited support. Get all of your questions answered so you step into your confidence, and celebrate your success.  


Professional development begins with personal growth. Get to know yourself, what you want in life, and overcome the barriers to your dreams. 

Bi-Weekly Modules

We don't have a lot of time so I'm not going to waste yours. Every other week, you'll receive short "podcast style" audio lessons, and a curated workbook. It's self paced, and pairs nicely with your bold, and full-bodied coaching and comes highly recommended. 


Current Thinking

Your thoughts create everything in your life. Week one, you'll shine  light on your inner narrative.


Take Action

Positive action doesn't come from negative thinking. Do your actions align with the life you want to create?


New Thoughts

You're one thought away from changing your entire experience in life. One thought can change it all. 


Create Results

You get to create the life you want. You'll decide how you need to think and actions you need to take to get you there.



It's easy to avoid negative emotions when you're constantly stimulated. Learn to be present with your thoughts and feelings and embrace the full human experience.



To-Do lists never work. Manage your time in a way that serves you in and out of the office. You'll stop procrastinating and master your calendar like you never have before.



Perfection doesn't exist. You'll learn why it's okay to accept less than perfect, why what other people think doesn't matter, and how to kick self sabotage to the curb. . 


Goal Cultivation 

Goal setting is more than just setting a deadline. It's about overcoming obstacles, having strategies in place to banish negative self talk, and committing to yourself. 


Self Confidence

You can cultivate confidence.  
You'll learn how to think about yourself in a way that results in more success at work and in your life.


Self Love

Your relationship with yourself determines every single experience you have. You'll learn how to have your own back no matter what.



Discover that what other people do or don't do has nothing to do with you. Taking things personally doesn't help you succeed. 



Now's the time to hone in on  your self-coaching skills, celebrate your victories, and absorb  additional coaching before you graduate.

What are you waiting for?

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Client Successes 

Ava G.

President, Luxury goods

I never realized how much room there was for improving the way I was using my calendar.  Celeste helped me organize my calendar effectively and efficiently for my needs and it has changed the way I organize my days and increased my productivity.

Quinn M.

Account Executive, Sales

I have one-on-ones weekly with a manager and I kind of see this like a one-on-one for my life. It's life changing once you just do it.  ...get out of the mindset of something has to be wrong to start [coaching], nothing has to be wrong in order to improve.

Angela H.

Manager, Technology 

I am able to set better boundaries for myself. I feel more authentic and centered in who I am and what I want. I feel less guilt and fear and more passion and determination. I have more trust and confidence in myself.  

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