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It’s time to shake up the boss within.

Let’s be honest, you'd rather be busy than bored. When one big project ends, you're on to the next. You are a professional goal-post mover. Stress is your normal and success is your middle name. But at what cost?

If you're ready to make meaningful progress in your career and personal life, The Burnout Breakthrough is designed to guide you through every step of the process— without exhaustion  or overwhelm. You'll have the tools to manage your breakdowns, and your breakthroughs. You're meant to shine. It's time to polish your tarnished attitude, and step into your unlimited potential. 

Imagine how it will feel to wake up and know that you get to create the life you want, regardless of what email is sitting in your inbox. Imagine what’s possible when you trust yourself to succeed, no matter what your boss or colleagues have to say.

That isn't magic. Although sometimes it feels like it. 

Let’s face it—experiencing burnout can be lonely & isolating.

No one talks about it. No one seems to care about your mental wellbeing. Your self-doubt, perfectionism, and second-guessing aren't helping you. I get it. I’ve been there. Letting go of perfectionism and learning that you can take a break isn't easy. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my burnout journey it’s this:

Having support, resources, and a self-care strategy can mean the difference between choosing to be miserable & seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 


It's 3 pm and you still haven't eaten lunch.

You were in back to back meetings all day, didn't block your calendar for lunch, run to the fridge and find nothing to eat.  Your energy is dipping so you grab some chips and head back to your desk, cranky and hungry.

Exercise is your only relief. 

You sweat it out, but you leave your phone on and notifications just keep coming, distracting you from your only hour to yourself. You end your workout early, guzzle another Nespresso and go back to your desk, still stressed.

You don't leave any room for fun.

You really used to love your job, but you're starting to resent it. You want to get promoted, but don't have anything left to give. Your partner, and kids, miss you dearly, and all you want is some time away to reconnect. 

Taking responsibility for your life and wellbeing is the most empowering choice you can make. No one else is going to ensure your growth, your health, or your happiness. Only you can do that.

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It's time to fill your cup first—and coaching is the first step. 

Coaching is super charged self-care. During our time together, we'll get to the root of WHY you're struggling to meet your own needs, and together we will create space for everything you've been missing. You'll leave each session with more time in your daily life for yourself, drinks with friends, to run around with your kids, and date nights with your lover. You'll feel free to make changes to your schedule, to workout in the middle of the day, or step away for much needed time off. You'll feel rejuvenated, liberating yourself from the daily grind of work and life. And the result? You'll have more energy to get more done, in less time. Which means even more success than your thought possible.

You see, success doesn't mean leaving yourself high, dry, and depleted. And when you're hustling for your worth, you only delay your own satisfaction. It's time to redefine success. It's time to own feel successful now, because when you do, more success will surely follow. The type of success you want, with more free time to travel, read that novel that's been on your nightstand for months, or go to that restaurant you've been eyeing, is available to you now. When you delay your future success, you deny your current success. Now's the time to change that.


Awareness precedes change. If you want to make big changes, and I know you do or else you wouldn't be here, you have to be aware of yourself. We don't always want to look in the mirror, but it's easier when you have a coach help you see your reflection. 


It's more than face masks and massages. Self-care is a radical act. One that when applied with strong boundaries propels you forward, faster. Self-care starts when you overcome your barriers and define your self-worth, and I'm here to help you do just that. 


Success can be confusing, as failure is nipping at our heels. It's your lurking limiting beliefs that are fogging up the view and coaching will clear the air. It's time to be transparent with yourself, your brain likes to tell lies, and you get to choose wether or not to believe it. 


Just like a seed, when provided the right nutrients, it will grow. When you provide yourself with safety, security, confidence, and grace, you too will experience quantum growth. Coaching is the miracle grow super nutrient fertilizer you've been missing. 

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