Thrive 9-5

Thrive 9-5

Hosted by: Celeste Harrington

Success doesn't require sacrificing your sanity or soul. Re-establish your confidence as a professional, without the need for external validation, and make meaningful progress in your career without burning yourself...

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Creating Opportunities

We all know people who seem to always be in the right place at the right time. They are the ones who appear to land the dream job, live the dream life, and fulfilling their life purpose in ways we can only imagine....
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Small Joys with Mikaela Davis

In a world where everyone always seems to be so busy, overwhelmed, and burnt out it’s hard to imagine that we can actually feel joy. The good news is there are always fresh opportunities to be happy. Sometimes these...
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To-Do Lists Don't Work

Do you rely on a to-do list to keep you organized and productive? My philosophy is that to-do lists don't work. They don't work because to-do lists are usually on random pieces of paper all over the place. In...
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Performative Busyness

Are you busy? Yep, thought so. After all, “busy” is now the standard response when you ask how someone is. Our days are largely based around reactive activities such as responding to emails, answering questions in...
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Showcasing Your Success

So the trend that I'm hearing right now is people thinking that success happens to them, or for them, instead of harnessing the idea that maybe they created that success. And what I mean by this is people say things...
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Processing Emotions

There are a lot of social constructs around processing emotions, so much so, that we spend much of our time suppressing them which I honestly think is what's hindering us. Keeping emotions bottled up is like a boiling...
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People Pleasing

A people pleaser is someone who has a difficult time saying no, and will go above and beyond for others even if it is at the expense of their own health or happiness. As a result, people-pleasers often feel stressed...
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Restfully Rich

When did taking vacation become a guilty pleasure? Where burnout is a badge of honor, and us being tired is the norm? It's time to stop glorifying not taking time off and start celebrating rest. Working long hours...
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Burnout Busting

Are you exhausted but unable to sleep at night?  Have you turned to diets and exercise to cope with how you feel? If this hits home for you, it is possible that you are experiencing burnout and you aren’t alone in...
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Welcome to the Thrive 9-5 podcast!

Welcome to the Thrive 9-5 podcast!  This podcast is for you if… You’re a professional who prioritizes work over yourself. You're ready to make meaningful progress in your career and personal life without burning...
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