Processing Emotions

There are a lot of social constructs around processing emotions, so much so, that we spend much of our time suppressing them which I honestly think is what's hindering us. Keeping emotions bottled up is like a boiling tea kettle. Our bodies can only handle so much emotive energy before we burst. And there are things that we do to release the steam. We can talk about it, dance or work out. There are many things that we can do to let out a little pressure that makes us feel better in the moment. but those things don't get to the root of the emotion itself. 

Allowing an emotion is uncomfortable. I get it. Anger, sadness, grief, it all feels really out of control. The discomfort is real, but so is the discomfort of avoidance and if you only let a little steam out now and then that kettle is still boiling, it might be a slow rolling boil, but it's boiling nonetheless. The emotion is still there, it's still pent up, and you're still going to have to address it or process it at some point down the road. 

There is so much value in processing your emotions. I honestly believe that if we all gave ourselves and each other permission to express our emotions, we would be better off. Listen in to learn about the importance of processing emotions for the health of our bodies and our minds.

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