You Earned A Gold Star

When’s the last time you tooted your own horn? Or patted yourself on the back? 

When someone compliments your work, you reply, “It’s no big deal” or, “Thanks but, I should have done this part differently.” Why is accepting the complement so challenging? It’s because we rarely compliment ourselves. 

You’ve spent long days and late nights. Maybe even sprouted a new grey hair and are still trying to iron out the new wrinkle that popped up on your forehead. Work and life seemed impossible to balance, but when it came time to deliver, you wrapped your final masterpiece in a pretty bow and said, “It was no big deal.”

But it is a big deal. A big freaking deal. You’ve moved mountains. You’ve mastered new skills, refined your expertise, and are more talented now than ever before.

So why downplay your success? Making yourself small and disregarding your new-found ingenuity only allows you to focus on the negative. I’m confident that if I asked you about a recent project you could very easily highlight what went wrong before you focused on what went well.

What would it look like if you stepped into your success? I challenge you to list everything you accomplished this week. I know, it’s only Wednesday but, I’m confident you’ve done more in the last three days than you’re giving yourself credit for. You’re worthy of a gold star, give it to yourself! 

Your partner in success,



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