Growth is Your Responsibility

This is going to hurt...

But, no one cares about your growth. 

I’m sharing this because so many of my clients are expecting their bosses to hand them a map that tells  them how to get from point A to point B. And while that may be nice, it isn’t going to happen. Your boss is busy paving their own path. So while you’re sitting there waiting for your boss to give you permission, or tell you what to do next, your boss is busy growing while you’re sitting idle. 

I want to connect this back to nature, specifically the butterfly. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I “raise” monarch butterflies. Butterflies don’t have a boss,yet they grow. - literally from a teeny egg to a massive flying insect. No one is telling the butterfly “ok, now it’s time to molt, and at your next quarterly review, you should be in your chrysalis.” The butterfly just does it. And it’s end goal is to fly. 

When you realize it’s not your boss’s responsibility to pave your path, you begin to take ownership of your career. You will only fly if YOU take the steps to do so. 

Ok, so what’s the first step?

Start with your thoughts. Do you have any negative thoughts about your work, your job, your boss, colleague, or company?? Negative thoughts = Negative results. You aren’t going to fly if you're constantly weighed down by your negative thinking. 

I challenge you to bust out the old fashioned pen and paper and simply write down your thoughts. All of them. This is when awareness kicks in. You have to become aware of your inner dialogue in order to change it.

And look, you may HATE your job. I get it, I’ve been there. But it’s a choice to stay, you can leave whenever you want. So why haven’t you left yet?* The answer to this question is the thought you need to practice. Maybe it’s, “I make good money”, “I love my team”, or perhaps 

“The work I do makes an impact.”

Those are the things you like about your job. You need to bring those thoughts to the surface. Every. Single. Day.


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