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Exclusive Services

You're in the right place if your looking to change your health. I've helped hundreds of people feel better about themselves and their bodies. I specialize in supporting your physical and mental health by coaching on your identity and beliefs about your ability to change your health, your body, and your mind. 

Bespoke Health & Fitness Coaching

Custom and realistic workout plans for your goals. This is truly a tailored experience. Your workout schedule and prescribed exercises are determined by your goals, equipment you have available, and the time you have to workout for each session. We meet every other week to check-in and modify your plan as needed.

  • Two 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions 

  • Fitness app access where your workouts and video tutorials are hosted

  • Unlimited text based coaching 

  • $500/month


Private 1:1 Life Coaching

How you view yourself determines how you show up in the world. Life coaching is all about changing your identify to align with who you want to be. Life coaching sessions are client led, meaning there isn't a rigid program to follow, because life happens! Each session is your own to be coached on any topic you wish. Most of my clients are focused on setting boundaries, showing up for themselves, learning to feel more confident and practicing self-compassion. 

  • Weekly 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions 

  • Recordings of coaching sessions

  • Unlimited text based coaching 

  • Three month initial commitment - $3,000

Client Testimonials

I’m honest with Celeste and we work through it. It really is me judging myself and your my thought partner through it. I feel safe.

I am a fan of self help, I thought I had previously I had done “the work” through years of therapy but working with Celeste as my coach truly has brought in a different perspective, an eye opening one. I can be overly broad in my assumptions of myself and working with Celeste has helped me to not over-exaggerate or paint scenarios with such a wide brush. I love the homework Celeste gives, it is relevant to a session and it isn’t “work” it isn’t something I dread to do.


My biggest transformation is in my confidence - truly feeling more and more comfortable with who I am and what I can do. The impact has been in my new role at work. My increased confidence is noticeable to my manager.


Celeste makes the impossible, feel possible! I also follow her on Instagram, she's are super cool! I wouldn’t know any of this as the time we spend together is focused on me. She can flex on a variety of topics in her coaching. She is consistent and remembers what we discussed in previous sessions.


My biggest transformation is being relaxed about life.  I realized I was living with quite a bit of anxiety and fear.  When I realized my brain doesn't work well in that state, I focused on taking one step at a time. Instead of trusting all the negative thoughts, I learned to question my inner voice. It's amazing how detrimental all those thoughts were. Shedding those helped me approach life with calm determination and amazing things have happened.


I was not surprised by Celeste's reliability nor her energy for the job. I was surprised how she could help with all topics from career, to family, to marriage and even self esteem and weight loss. Celeste is an excellent listener and always use this skill for the best possible outcomes.


I immediately got really valuable coaching on my running that I wasn’t getting from my running club. And the breadth of input I got, from hydration to diet to mobility to strength to cardio to addressing some of my physical weak points, were incredibly valuable. 

When I started with Celeste, I was already pretty good about working out regularly and had run a couple of half-marathons. I had a good home gym setup and was good about working out when at home. I also had good workout habits when I traveled. But I had hit a plateau, and was wondering if I had room to improve. Seeing strength gains, feeling my body get stronger, and running harder with more confidence and enjoyment has been tremendously rewarding.


I had hit a plateau with my running performance, and Celeste’s suggestion of strength training was counter-intuitive to me. I had always heard that you train for distance running by doing a lot of distance running, and that building muscle slowed runners down, and that cardio consumes muscle mass, so running and strength training cancel each other out. So I never would have gotten the insight on my own. But when I started strength training, I got faster and felt so much better, especially at the end of my runs.


The best insights I got from Celeste were those that were counter-intuitive to me. I never would have found them myself, and if I heard others talk about them, I probably wouldn’t have taken the advice seriously. I told Celeste that I had pain or weakness in one part of my body, and she’d tell me I should strengthen a different part of my body. And it worked! That’s not something I could have figured out on my own. I’ve worked with other coaches, and it’s not the kind of thing that I’ve heard from them. Celeste has a deeper knowledge than a lot of personal trainers out there


Celeste has deep understanding and personal experience a across a wide range of health and fitness topics, so I would also recommend Celeste for those who want holistic coaching across strength, conditioning, cardio, mobility, diet, hydration, etc.

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