You can love your job without losing yourself.

Life Coaching for Mid-Level Professionals

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The Burnout Breakthrough Experience

Manage Your Time

"Busy" is a mindset and keeps you from your life's best work. You'll eliminate the stress of thinking you aren't getting enough done and toss your to-do list out the window. 

Conquer Your Mindset

Don’t let your subconscious thoughts run the show! Together, we'll unravel story from fact. You'll understand how to create your dream life while holding space for your current one.

Elevate Your Life

This isn't about getting out of your own way, it's about stepping into yourself. Imagine feeling more authentic, less guilt and fear, and more passion and determination. 

Find Your Balance

Life is always 50/50: half great, and half not so great. Once you accept your current circumstances and choose how to show up as 100% you.

Work doesn't need to suck the life out of you. 
Re-establish your confidence as a professional, without the need for external validation.

"Celeste always meets me exactly where I am. Celeste has inspired me to reach limits I didn’t know where possible, and her approach is always kind, but strong. As a coach, friend, colleague, running buddy, recipe sharer, and fellow lifter, I find whenever I am making BIG life decisions, Celeste is always my go-to person. Her guidance, confidence, sound judgment, and calm demeanor makes me feel secure and positioned for success!"

Calleene Egan
Executive Director

"Celeste is amazing at getting to the core of why certain things aren't happening in my life. It's an exercise in taking responsibility while also feeling a huge weight lifted. I never felt burdened by homework or guilt, but her encouragements stuck with me throughout the week. She had no agenda which allowed me to guide the conversation based on the biggest concerns for that day or moment. She uses a framework that is super helpful, and like anything, it takes practice. "

Angela Hueckle
Manager, Technical

My emails are amazing. Just ask my subscribers.

Sara says "Girl! I have all of your emails in a folder for "read when overwhelmed/exhausted" because I love your content and it always helps me reframe and reset."

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