Success without self-sacrifice

I teach professionals how to kick ass in the office, without burning out.

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The Burnout Breakthrough Experience

Save Time

Everyone is "busy" but being busy doesn't help you achieve anything, and it certainly keeps you from important things like family, and have fun! My signature calendaring system starts with scheduling yourself first, so you can fill your own cup, before serving others.

Mindset Managed

It's time to stop going to bed thinking you didn't get enough done, and feeling satisfied and accomplished with all that you achieved. Success starts with realizing what's working now. Your success will snowball when you bring mindfulness to your mindset.

Elevated Energy

You don't need another espresso to get you through back to back meetings. You need a nap! We'll take inventory of energy leaks, and put a stop to them with personalized self-care safeguards. Your adrenals will thank you.

Be Balanced

Life isn't all about work you know. It's time to make room to play! I'll help you put systems – like time blocking, and auto-responders – in place to save you precious time, and energy, so you can spend more time doing the things you love to recharge and rest.

Work doesn't need to suck the life out of you. 
Find more success without the sacrifice. 

"Celeste always meets me exactly where I am. Celeste has inspired me to reach limits I didn’t know where possible, and her approach is always kind, but strong. As a coach, friend, colleague, running buddy, recipe sharer, and fellow lifter, I find whenever I am making BIG life decisions, Celeste is always my go-to person. Her guidance, confidence, sound judgment, and calm demeanor makes me feel secure and positioned for success!"

Calleene Egan
Executive Director

"Celeste is amazing at getting to the core of why certain things aren't happening in my life. It's an exercise in taking responsibility while also feeling a huge weight lifted. I am able to set better boundaries for myself. I feel more authentic and centered in who I am and what I want. I feel less guilt and fear and more passion and determination. I have more trust and confidence in myself. "

Angela Hueckle
Manager, Technical

"I never realized how much room there was for improving the way I was using my calendar. Celeste helped me organize my calendar effectively and efficiently for my needs and it has changed the way I organize my days and increased my productivity."

Ava G.

"I have one-on-ones weekly with a manager and I kind of see this like a one-on-one for my life. It's life changing once you just do it. ...get out of the mindset of something has to be wrong to start [coaching], nothing has to be wrong in order to improve."

Quinn M.
Account Executive

My emails are amazing. Just ask my subscribers.

Sara says "Girl! I have all of your emails in a folder for "read when overwhelmed/exhausted" because I love your content and it always helps me reframe and reset."


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