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I help professionals cancel hustle culture, and prioritize self-care. 

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Hey achiever you have a lot to be proud of. When you look back at how far you’ve come, you’re actually crushing it. 

But your stress levels are through the roof. When you try to step away from your computer, you feel guilty because you’re thinking about the long list of shit you still have to do, and taking a moment for yourself will only delay getting things done. 

You know taking care of yourself will only make you feel better but your to-do list keeps growing. 

This totally isn’t your fault. The hustle culture is real, and the rat race is designed to keep you in compare and despair, constantly trying to be better than your peers.
You’re taught that idle hands are the devil's workshop, and if you aren’t busy, you’re just wasting everyone's time. 

But the truth is, your wellbeing is the foundation to your success. Putting yourself on the back-burner only delays your growth. In order to get promoted, you have to first promote yourself. To do that, you have to feel good about yourself, and how far you’ve come. 

And I'll help you do just that. Inside a one to one 3-month coaching program you’ll…


  • Go on vacation guilt-free, without checking your email, and being fully present to rest and recharge. 
  • Feel confident walking into any meeting, knowing that you are qualified for your job, and prepared to answer any questions that are thrown your way
  • Enjoy a rich schedule, full of personal appointments that fill your cup. Say hello to working out, and breakfast with your friends and family, uninterrupted. 
  • Trust yourself to succeed, no more late nights trying to meet a deadline, sacrificing your sleep and sanity.

Success is built on your ability to meet your own needs. When you learn to prioritize yourself, you can replicate your success over and over again, without the fear of burning out. 

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Crush Your Calendar Masterclass

This is the calendar system that allows me to work full-time, and run a business while still finding time to workout, eat all my meals, walk my dog, and mosey around in the garden.

It's better than that crumpled to-do list and supercharges your calendar.


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