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Your Personal Chief Wellness Officer

A truly holistic approach to health for tech professionals who want to look, feel, and perform their best. With Celeste on your "board of health" you'll make meaningful changes in all areas of your life, and enhance your overall well-being.


Working with Celeste

My approach to health is unlike any other. As tech professional with a decade of corporate wellness experience, focused on employee wellbeing programs, I've helped top companies scale wellness programs globally. I understand the cultural and social difference to health and wellbeing, and am here to help you achieve your goals across the full spectrum of wellbeing (brain, body and business). 

Health is personal. Which is why you won't see me flaunting green smoothies or prescribing plug and play fitness programs. Instead, I help my clients manage their time in a way that prioritizes themselves, learn how to set boundaries, allowing them to achieve their health goals without feeling guilty for spending time away from work or family, and build habits that fit into their already full lives.

As your chief wellness office, I'm your trusted advisor in all things health and wellness. I am invested in you and your success.

"I would recommend Celeste to someone who is in a rut, someone who is feeling in a dark hole and thinks there isn’t possibility out there. Someone who wants to put themselves first. Someone who is struggling with knowing they matter. Someone who feels they have tried coaching or therapy as an outlet but wants more tangible results." 

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