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The Burnout Break Through


The Burnout Break Through Experience

Conquer Your Mindset

Don’t let your subconscious thoughts run the show! Right now, you firmly believe thoughts that sabotage your success. Together, we'll unravel story from fact. Through coaching, you'll understand how your current thinking creates your current reality and how you can empower yourself to show up with purpose.

Understand Balance

Balancing it all doesn't have to be hard. Accepting that life isn't always rainbows and butterflies allows you to accept life as it comes. After all, life is always 50/50: half great, and half not so great. Learn how you can eliminate negative self-talk, accept your current circumstances and choose how to show up as 100% you. 

Manage Your Time

Eliminate the stress of thinking you aren't getting enough done. I can tell from here, that you are doing enough already! "Busy" is a mindset and a calendar full of back to back meetings doesn't allow you to do your life's best work. You'll elevate your life, and manage your time and caledar in a way that supports success in all areas of your life. 

Elevate Your Life

Free yourself from your own limitations. This isn't about getting out of your own way, it's about stepping into yourself. Imagine feeling more authentic, less guilt, less fear, more passion and more determined. This is all possible with coaching. You'll gain trust and confidence in yourself the you did't think was possible. 

Whether it’s training for a marathon that includes hills or working out for the first time in six months, Celeste always meets me exactly where I am. Celeste has inspired me to reach limits I didn’t know where possible, and her approach is always kind, but strong. As a coach, friend, colleague, running buddy, recipe sharer, and fellow lifter, I find whenever I am making BIG life decisions, Celeste is always my go-to person. Her guidance, confidence, sound judgment, and calm demeanor makes me feel secure and positioned for success!

Calleene Egan

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